A Revitalizing Thread Lift is a minimally-invasive procedure designed to elevate and realign sagging tissue.

The Revitalizing Thread Lift is ideal for lifting the face, tightening the jaw line, lifting the brow as well as the mid face and neck.


The Thread is very thin with barbs on the sides, once inserted the thread is gently pulled until the barbs snag the skin. Once the skin is in the desired position the thread is taped down for the skin to heal around. No cutting or stitching, just a small insertion hole from the needle.  The threads will dissolve within 9 - 12 months leaving the lift effect in place for years to come. The procedure may be repeated in the future if required.


Thread Lift's are performed on a Saturday afternoon. You will come in after lunch. Local anesthetic is given.  The Thread lift takes 60 - 90 minutes.

Omnilux LED light is given directly after procedure.

The area is then taped up for the first 3 days, the tape is removed at the first of 3 mandatory

 Follow Up appointments.  All Follow UP appointments are in included in the treatment cost.


Prices start from $4000.00. 

Thread Lift

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