Surgitron is a radio frequency "scalpel" used to remove mole, skin tags and some lesions.


Radio Wave technology uses high-frequency energy which passes through a fine wire electrode and can be used to remove raised lesions, moles and skin tags on the skin without a surgical  incision or stitching. Healing is quick with minimal discomfort.


The Skin is first anaesthetised with a local anaesthetic, when comfortably numb the mole is shaved away, as the Surgitron shaves the blood vessels are sealed give a process with no blood loss.


After there is a raw non-bleeding surface no bigger than the original size of the lesion. The surface will scab and 7-10 days later there is a fresh healthy layer of new skin, which over time blends in to the normal skin colour.


If there is any concerns with the mole that has been removed it is sent for analysis by a pathologist.

Moles, Lesions & Skin Tags