PhotoDynamic Therapy - PDT

Sun Damage

PDT process with Dr Safari

Photo Dynamic Therapy combines a topically applied Photosensitiser and Omnilux Red light to treat Non Melanoma skin cancers, like Solar Keratosis, on the face.

A photosensitiser lotion is applied to the affected area and left for a time, between 1 and 6 hours.  The photosensitiser adheres to the cancerous or pre-cancerous cells during the incubation period, the Omnilux light then draws the cells to the skin surface where the body's natural repair system recoginises and heals them.

• 1. Photosensitiser lotion applied

• 2. Incubation period

• 3. Light activation

Dr Safari applies the first of the lotion at 9.00 am, you can then carry on with your day until your next appointment.  The second application of lotion is applied, left for 30 minutes, washed off and topical numby cream applied, left for 30 minutes, washed off, then under the Omnilux red light for 20 minutes.


PDT combines a topically applied Photosensitiser and Omnilux light treatment.  PDT is a treatment used to treat Non Melanoma Skin Cancers. Used routinely by clinicians who recognize the advantages PDT holds over conventional therapies in the treatment of oncological and non-oncological skin conditions. Particularly those lesions presenting in anatomically difficult, cosmetically sensitive and poor healing sites.


The treatment is very straightforward and consists of initially applying a Photosensitiser to the affected area.   The area is left for a time, from 30 minutes to 6 hours. The Photosensitiser in the neoplastic tissue is stimulated producing cytotoxic species, such as singlet oxygen, resulting in photo-oxidation, cell death and tumor destruction, treatment occurs where the photosensitiser and the Omnilux Red light combine.