IPL treatment for sun damage

Intense Pulsed Light - IPL 

for Photo Rejuvenation

Sun Damage

Intense pulsed light describes the use of intense pulses of non-coherent light distributed over a range of wavelengths. 

With different coloured machine attachment heads used to achieve desired improvements.


IPL works by sending a pulsating beam of light, of a particular wavelength to precise areas of the skin.  The light passes directly through the skin, but is absorbed by either the blood when treating broken capillaries and rosacea or the melanin, when treating pigmentation, damaging them, the body's natural processes remove the injured tissue giving the skin a more even and youthful appearance.

Dr Safari uses Quantum IPL.


IPL feels like a hot rubber band flicking against the skin, to provide comfort we apply topical numbing cream to the area that is being treated and supply panadol.  


The appointment time for a full face treatment is about 1 hour 15 minutes, allowing 45 minutes with the Dr and 30 minutes for the topical cream to take affect.


The cost of your treatment will be given at the time of your consultation with the doctor, along with what results you should expect to see and how may treatments you may need.  (A full face treatment starts at $550.)

The miminum time between treatments IPL with Dr Safari is 8 weeks.

IPL used to treat Rosacea
IPL treatment for sun damaged hands